GPS Tracking

Connected Car from


Compatible with most cars manufactured since 1996, the Connected Car device plugs into a vehicle’s OBD-II port for easy self-installation, reducing the need for costly truck rolls to add the device. Connected Car uses a dedicated cellular connection and has a battery backup, so it communicates with the home system and end user, even when the vehicle’s engine is off. With CalAmp’s telematics technology integrated with the solution, users can create rules so they receive notifications about specific vehicle details or activity, such as:

  • Diagnostics and potential repairs (check engine light on, low battery or low fuel)
  • Driving Behavior (sudden acceleration, hard braking, excessive speeding)
  • Unexpected Movement (vehicle moves while the engine is off, indicating it may have been towed, crashed into, or stolen)

Fleet Tracking from Uplink GPS

Cloud Based Fleet tracking that allows you to see all your company vehicles at once, locate vehicles on demand, and see breakdowns of ignition events, route taken, and duration of stops, Fleet tracking is best suited for businesses with 3 or more vehicles. Towing Companies use fleet tracking to properly dispatch to broken down vehicles, A delivery company may utilize fleet tracking to keep track of expected delivery times, and to ensure the delivery truck is on the intended route.

  • Monitor times (travel, onsite, start and end, idle), ignition events

  • Asset Recovery: view vehicle locations recorded every two or five minutes, including 60 days of stored history

  • Peace of Mind: track a commercial fleet, and get notified if it travels outside your service area, moves into a no-go zone, or a driver goes faster than a desired speed limit