Video Surveillance

Camera Surveillance is the fastest growing genre of our Alarm Business. Some people think that this is just for Commercial Applications, but we install cameras in both Commercial and Residential Buildings each month.

camera For many years Analog cameras were king. Not any longer. Shreveport Security provides high quality HD over Coax Cameras. So what is the difference?

cvi cameraAnalog cameras were considered the standard for video surveillance, and are widely available, but with new innovations such as HD over Coax, the Analog systems are becoming more and more obsolete.

HD over Coax

HD over Coax has been around for the last few years. Improvements in technology have made them cheaper than ever. HD over Coax allows for fast, HD data to flow from the newest devices over a standard coaxial cable. If you already have an existing all coax analog CCTV Setup you can upgrade to amazing quality 720p & 1080p formats without spending additional funds to replace a fully functional COAX-based wiring network. Why replace it if isn't broke? That's a question face every day by users who are looking to add higher resolution cameras to their existing networks.

How does the picture quality compare?


These are screenshots taken from streaming video on a smartphone at night. These images were taken from each camera less than one minute apart. On the left is an older 700 TVL Analog Camera. On the right is an HD over Coax 1080P 2.2 MegaPixel Camera.

HD over Coax is not the same as IP.

Many consider IP camera technology too expensive to purchase, install and maintain. HD over Coax technology is the logical alternative. There's no learning curve - these cameras operate exactly the same as standard cctv cameras. While we do get a few calls a year requesting information, we do not install IP camera systems.

What to know more?

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